Doctor Who First Look: Peter Capaldi’s ‘Rebel Time Lord’ in Doc Martens, Daring Jacket Lining


Rather excited for this!

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Bowties and fezzes, out. Doc Martens and Crombie coats, in.

Yes indeed, with Doctor Who‘s recent regeneration — aka recasting from Matt Smith to Peter Capaldi — the titular Time Lord is also getting some new duds, and we’ve got your first look!

According to BBC America, the Twelfth Doctor’s costume includes “a dark blue Crombie coat with red lining, dark blue trousers, a white shirt as well as black Doc Marten shoes.”

Or, as Capaldi puts it (via press release), “He’s woven the future from the cloth of the past. Simple, stark, and back to basics. No frills, no scarf, no messing, just 100 per cent Rebel Time Lord.”

Doctor Who returns to BBC America later this year.

Check out a pic of Capaldi in costume — and an on-set shot with Jenna Coleman as companion Clara — below, then sound off with your thoughts on the Doctor’s…

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Newsroom: Season 2

SO SO SO EXCITED! Anything Aaron Sorkin does is perfect. July 14th cannot come soon enough.

Senior Antics

This video will probably not make sense to the public, but for members of Chi Omega it holds the memories of the last four years and everything we are going to miss about Chi Omega. Thank you to the senior class for their participation.

Sorry if the video is a little blurry, my settings must have gone a little wonky.

Greek Community

Screen Shot 2013-05-05 at 12.32.02 AMAs I have spent nearly six weeks talking about Chi Omega, you may have wondered if there was anybody else out there. The University of New Mexico has a large Greek Life with many different chapters and opportunities available. UNM’s Greek Life began in the early 1900s with the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity and the Sigma Sigma Sorority. Since then UNM’s Greek Life has grown into the strongest group of student organizations on campus. While the overall percentage of students in Greek Life is not great, we have a strong presence in the community and in many other organizations on campus.

UNM’s Greek Life is broken into three different categories, IFC fraternities, Panhellenic sororities, and multicultural fraternities.

The Panhellenic sororities are the largest organizations on UNM’s campus and each house has approximately 75 active members. The Panhellenic sororities have many requirements they must achieve each semester to remain on campus, these range in scholarship, sisterhood, social, campus activities, community service, and philanthropy. Governed by the College Panhellenic Council, the 4 national recognized sororities on UNM’s campus are:

  • Alpha Chi Omega
  • Chi Omega
  • Kappa Kappa Gamma
  • Pi Beta Phi

The IFC fraternities are generally smaller than the sororities with approximately 50 active members in each chapter. The IFC fraternities have the same requirements as the Panhellenic sororities. Like Panhellenic, the IFC fraternities are nationally recognized. The 9 IFC fraternities on UNM’s campus are:

  • Alpha Tau Omega
  • Delta Lambda Phi
  • Kappa Sigma
  • Lambda Chi Alpha
  • Phi Delta Theta
  • Phi Gamma Delta
  • Pi Kappa Alpha
  • Sigma Alpha Epsilon
  • Sigma Chi

While IFC and Panhellenic are similar, multicultural fraternities offer a different experience based on scholarship, service, friendship, and leadership. Multicultural fraternities range are usually smaller in size and are founded on a specific culture or ethnicity. The Multicultural Greek Council at UNM has 12 different fraternities that fall into this umbrella category. They are: Alpha Phi Alpha

  • Alpha Pi Omega
  • Beta Sigma Epsilon
  • Delta Sigma Theta
  • Kappa Alpha Psi
  • Gamma Alpha Omega
  • Lambda Theta Phi
  • Kappa Delta Chi
  • Omega Delta Phi
  • Lambda Theta Alpha
  • Omega Psi Phi
  • Theta Nu Xi
  • Zeta Phi Beta

UNM’s Greek Life has so many options to choose from, but once you find your perfect fit it is like having a second home.  Click here to check out UNM’s Greek life!


While every other college students enjoys their last week of summer vacation, every sorority member at the University of New Mexico returns for the glorious, stress-filled world of sorority recruitment. With five days of events to plan and prepare for, Chi Omega enters “pre-rush” for an entire week simply to get ready. “Pre-rush” consists of learning the songs, preparing the house, and coordinating outfits with the entire chapter. The process is grueling and requires participation from each active member and additional support from the alumni association. I took the video below during “pre-rush” last year. The song is Chi Omega Last Forever and is a stable of our rush process. The song is known for making new and old members cry and holds a dear place in many hearts.

Once recruitment actually begins, the four Panhellenic sororities welcome nearly 200 students as they embark on this new journey. As the potential new members come to each house they speak with multiple active members and learn some of the key information about each sorority. Recruitment is organized into five days and is coordinated by the Greek Life office.

The first day is Meet and Greet and each potential new member visits all four houses. This day is extremely casual and meant to simply let the potential new members get an idea of what Greek Life is. 

The second day is House Tours and just like it sounds each potential new member gets a personalized tour of all four sorority houses. This day is also extremely casual and another opportunity for members to meet and get to know each other.

The third day is Theme Night, which consists of telling the potential new members about each sororities national philanthropy and the other community service opportunities. This day usually includes creative skits meant to engage the potential new member. Since each house has a different philanthropy, this day gives the potential new members a chance to decide which house may be a better choice for them. This day is semi-formal and members are encouraged to wear dresses and skirts.

The last day of recruitment is Pref Night. Unlike the other days, Pref Night is formal and members are expected to connect with potential new members on a more personal level. By this time of recruitment potential new members only visit their top 2 houses. This night can be very emotional at Chi Omega and is the time when we sing Chi Omega Last Forever (the video posted above).

Lastly there is Bid Day. While Bid Day is considered part of recruitment, the official recruiting is complete. On this day, each potential new member is told which house they have been placed in and they attend a special event to meet and get to know their new sisters. Each sorority plans a different event on this day and in past years Chi Omega has been ice skating, had a picnic, and gone swimming.

Each house is a little different, but no matter which one you choose I promise you will have the most rewarding experience. If you are interested in joining UNM’s Greek Life, click here to check out the website and fill out an information card.

Renewal Scorecard

It has been a whole semester of my ramblings about television, but the season is not over just yet. May Sweeps is upon us and renewal and cancellations plague the air. This time of year brings many heartbreaks as some new and old favorites have the grim reaper stare them in the eye.

Here’s a look at the schedule of shows I posted back in January and their fate as many seasons begin to close.

Once Upon A Time - renewed
The Good Wife - renewed
Revenge - renewed
Lost Girl - renewed
House of Lies - renewed
Shameless - renewed
The Walking Dead - renewed

How I Met Your Mother - renewed
Castle - renewed
Switched at Birth – Returns in June for a Summer season.
The Carrie Diaries – Stopped watching due to lack of interest
The Following - BEST NEW SHOW ON TELEVISION! – renewed for a 2nd season!
Dallas - renewed

Pretty Little Liars – Returns in June for a Summer season.
Vegas - A long show for renewal. Keeping my fingers crossed though. I really liked this show.
Hart of Dixie – Lackluster this season. Likely to be renewed for another though.
White Collar – Returns in the July for a Summer season.
Happy Endings - Likely cancelled. Moved to the Friday death spot.
Smash - Cancelled after horrific ratings.
New Girl - renewed

Chicago Fire - renewed
Arrow - renewed
Nashville - renewed
Modern Family - renewed
The Americans - renewed

The Big Bang Theory - renewed
Grey’s Anatomy - Renewed for a 10th season! To put that in perspective ER had 15.
Scandal - renewed
Glee - Renewed for 2 seasons!
Beauty and the Beast - renewed
Vampire Diaries - renewed
Suits - Returns in the July for a Summer season.
Elementary - renewed

Everything seems to have remained steady for next year. There are only a few shows I watch consistently to be cancelled. I am still rooting for long-shot 60s drama Vegas to have a surprise renewal. This Fall is going to be jammed packed though as not very much was cancelled and there is a whole lot of new shows coming. I hope to release a Summer schedule as many great shows will be starting back up their season and a few new shows to look out for.

Roll Up

The Pi Gamma chapter currently has 75 active members and over a thousand alumni. Each member participates in mandatory events, how

ever, some members strive to do more than participates. Chi omega purpose is to shape young women into leaders that make society a better place. That is why, chi omega nearly 20 different leadership opportunities for members to be slated and applied for.

Our chapter has an eight person executive board, with two members who have assistants below them. These positions are:

  • President – G.H.
  • Vice-President – G.T.B.
  • Secretary – G.K.A.DSC_0032
  • Treasurer – G.N.V.
  • New Member Educator – G.M.
  • Personnel Chair
  • Recruitment Chair
  • Panhellenic Delegate

After the executive board is the “cardinal cabinet” positions. These positions are often referred to as chair positions and run different groups based on Chi Omega’s six founding purposes. These are:

  • Campus Activities
  • Community Service
  • Philanthropy
  • Scholarship
  • Sisterhood
  • Social

Each member of our chapter is put into a cardinal cabinet each semester. This helps round out the individual and help them learn the principles of chi omega.

Below the cardinal cabinet positions are the chair positions directed towards freshman. These positions have no authority and mainly serve to give freshman the opportunity to experience a more difficult role.

While that sums up the positions within chi omega there is a multitude of positions available outside Chi Omega but still in the Greek community. I personally served on one of these positions as the vice-president of the Panhellenic Council. The PC is the governing council for all sororities on UNMs campus. The PC has a 5 person exec board and 7 different chair positions to apply for.

Lastly, Chi omega’s are encourage to explore other organizations on campus and assume leadership roles in them.


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